Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents have the Edge

It goes without saying that the Real Estate industry has bounced back considerably since the housing collapse years ago. This spring/summer it seems to be as hot as ever. There are thousands of listings to be had just in Los Angeles alone, you just have to know where to look, but that’s for another post. The point is that the market is hot right now for buyers and sellers! Why you ask? Technology. Real estate has gone digital and shows no signs of ever going back. In 2012 93% of people who sold a home and 96% of people who bought a home (under the age of 44) did so online. Those who didn’t probably found their listing online.

The Web 2.0 craze has taken over everything and real estate is just another check on its list. The introduction of the MLS (Multiple listing service) app has streamlined the process considerably. What once took days, stacks of paper, and numerous phone calls can now be done with the tap of a finger. You can find the listing,  give your buyer a virtual tour, and set up an appointment in minutes. This streamlining also frees you from the constraints of the community in which you work. Apps like these take you from local realtor to national realtor. You can now correlate with buyers from across the nation that are interested in commercial or residential real estate in your area.

The increasing capability of the mobile device is also fueling this fire. The fact that phones can now shoot video and photo’s in HiDef is a major deal. Combine these abilities with apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and you have your own makeshift listing site. Use these with an exclusive listing and you’ll have buyers/agents crawling to you like Oliver Twist and his bowl of gruel.

Technology has changed the market of real estate considerably and the only logical notion is that this change will continue to make it easier and quicker for agents everywhere to buy, sell, and list commercial or residential real estate. So if you’re a Realtor stuck in the stone age (which if you’re reading this then your probably not, in that case share this with a friend that is!) then it’s time get out!


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