The Name of the game is “Traction”!

English: Red Pinterest logo

In the world of Public Relations “Traction” refers to the number of people you can successfully reach with a PR or Marketing campaign. Adapting this concept to the Real Estate industry is something that your everyday Realtor could benefit from. As you probably already know may Realtors create websites for their property listings. This allows the buyer to get an idea of what the property looks like via description, virtual tour, pictures etc. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, I’ve done it myself multiple times. However, when analyzing this concept I realized that there is quicker easier way to do this.

The underlying purpose in building a website and promoting it is to build traction toward your web-page and in turn, build traction toward the property that you’re trying to sell. Consider This; Use Social Media to promote that property. It will not only save you time but it will also allow you to reach a wider audience. There’s just about nothing that you can do on a traditional custom website that you can’t do through social media. Uploading pictures, tweeting, posting blurbs about the details of a home etc. I recently read an article where a guy did exactly what I’m referring to. He used Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media sites to do it. Pinterest is a site that allows to post pictures and tiny blurbs onto a “Board” and share with friends and their friends and so on. Within 3 minutes of posting the photos to his board he had two showing request, after two weeks of the posting he was drafting an offer and averaging a showing every other day.

An impressive feat, by using Pinterest and sharing with friends through social media venues and their friends sharing with other friends he was able to maximize traction to his “site” AND “Property”. As a Realtor you need to be a Marketing and Public Relations Specialist Using Sites like Pinterest will allow you become all Three! So if you’re wondering about how you can flip some of your properties quicker try building the “Traction” to your site and property.


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