A Quality Virtual Tour can Win You Your Next Listing!

I guess you can think of it as building your Portfolio. We all know that building a quality virtual tour online can have buyers banging down your door, but what about the next property? As realtor you must always keep one ear to the ground. Anticipating and plotting on how your going to win that next exclusive listing. Consider this: Use the quality of your virtual tours to build an online portfolio. We’ve all come into contact with that one seller who has the perfect property, in the perfect location, and is selling it for a REASONABLE price. You “have to have” that listing exclusively! So how do you convince the seller that your worthy? Give them a resume that is simple, elegant, and easy to understand. Organizing your Virtual tours into an easily accessible, and easy to navigate format will allow the seller to get an idea of what you can do for them. Remember sellers are people, this means they don’t like to haggle and they don’t want to have to think very hard when making decisions. Doing this takes the pressure off them as well as you.

It goes without saying that your Virtual tour should be of “QUALITY”. I’ve been using that word loosely so let me elaborate. The photo’s should be clear and Crisp, Hi Def if at all possible. Know when and how to get those wide-angle shots, and lastly make sure the virtual tour program you’re using is simple and WORKS. You don’t want fall flat on your face when you’re in the middle of your pitch and the site isn’t working. MyVisualListings.com is one that like to use personally. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.


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