Use Facebook to Maximize Your Reach!

As I’ve been harping about for the past…..forever. Web 2.0 is making it easier for realtors to market and sell their property. Yet there are still Realtors ,both commercial & residential, who are not using it to the best of its ability. So today I thought I would focus on some of the more traditional marketing aspects that Facebook gives the user.

One of the “free” aspects that Facebook gives its users is the access to GROUPS. This may seem obvious but what many people  don’t realize is that this is almost a free CRM tool for your clients. You can customize, group, and reach out to members that all share the same interest with the click of a button. Imagine if you have compiled a group of friends that are interested in commercial real estate. Instead of cold calling each one when you get a new apartment building, you post it to the group and they instantly have access.

If you want to go the paid route. Facebook gives you an option to promote your company page or ad for as low as $10 a day. This is a major tool. Because Facebook logs the website visits that members see while logged in, they  can market directly to anyone who’s ever typed in Realtor, Real Estate, etc. Your getting the best demographic and geographic data that you can get for 10 bucks a day!

Whether you decide to use paid promotion or free promotion, all Realtors should be using Facebook to maximize traction at their given properties.


Real Estate Tech Trends – At A Glimpse

Anyone in the real estate industry knows that technology is completely revamping how the business is conducted. So with that being said, I thought This week I would give you guys and gals a few fun facts about Real Estate Tech Trends. All facts are from 2012 so you can assume that all statistics have increased if only a little bit.


84% of buyers say Photo’s are the most useful when looking at a property.

34% prefer Virtual tours.

21% prefer Videos.


42% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet.

34% of buyers found the home they purchased from an Agent.

10% of buyer found the home they purchased from a yard sign.

6% from a friend

5% from the builder

1% seller


50% of buyers say they want a real estate professional to help them find the right home.

12% say they want a real estate professional to help them negotiate terms while another 12% want help negotiating price.

8% what help determining what comparable homes were sold for.

7% want help with paperwork.

When the California Association of Realtors asked buyers and sellers where they found their real estate professional, the numbers for Internet increased dramatically. In California the numbers look like this:

70% of buyers and 75% sellers found their agent online.

60% of people Googled their Agent.

74% of sellers used “SOCIAL MEDIA”!!!

LISTING SYNDICATION (breakdown of Top Referring websites)

48% referrals come from Craigslist

31% come from Facebook

7% from

6% from Zillow and another 6% from Trulia

Your best bet as a realtor is to have all your bases covered, Happy Hunting! MORE DATA TO COME.

The Value of Pairing a Video with your Property Listing is Priceless!

As we all know Real Estate is an industry that gives the power to the individual. Sure there are huge companies like,, Zillow etc. that have thrown money at having the most listings and data but none of them actually SELL the property. The Realtor is the deciding factor in that arena. To paraphrase some of my earlier post, the advance of technology has literally put the power in the realtors hands. This power (technology) actually gives the realtor an advantage over a lot of these huge realty companies and today I’m going to point out a very simple but very powerful tool available to everyone. VIDEO! I saw a realtor do something that I thought was brilliant at an open house that I recently had. She asked me if I was ok with her taking a video for her client. Naturally, I said “Sure”. It’s what she did after taking the video of the house that caught my attention. She proceeded the record the neighborhood, and the traffic of a near by intersection. That’s when I realized that SHE WAS A GENIUS !

Video is something that just about everyone has access to through their computers and/or their smart phones. Much like a photograph, video can convey a sense of personality and intimacy. These traits are what make video such a powerful tool to the realtor. With a video you now have the ability to capture things that a huge company cannot. With tap of a button you can send your client a realistic view of the condition of the neighborhood, the neighbors (that’s always important), traffic, schools, construction(if any), condition of home, etc. The uses are endless. This creates a deeper level of trust between you and your client, something that is sure to be conveyed when recommending you to a friend. Current Technology not only allows you to share the video instantly but it allows you to stream live if needed.

Video is a crucial addition to realtors who want to take their business to the next level. Going the extra mile to create a quality video could not only be the deciding factor in your sale, but it could also be the deciding factor in the potential for future listings. So before posting your next listing think about using video to do something “outside the box”.

Real Estate makes its way to Google Glass

Image representing Trulia as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

With the premier of Google’s new futuristic wearable computer, Google Glass, industries have been trying to figure out how they can capitalize on the many  uses of the device. The Real Estate industry is no exception. With features like photo/video capture, Google Map navigation, live video sharing, etc. the Real Estate industry stands to gain the most from this invention.

Imagine being able to share the video, photos, layout, price, and listing agent of a property just by looking at it? Talk about streamlining a process?! That’s exactly what Real Estate social media company Trulia plans on doing. Trulia has recently announced that it is developing an application for Google Glass. The app will allow the user to not only get photo/video of the property, but it will also give directions to the property as well as allow the user to call the listing agent directly from his/her device. I’m sure as this device becomes more common in society, so will the need for Realtors to make thier listings Glass compatable.