What’s Your Status?

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, status is important to us or we wouldn’t have chosen to sell Real Estate for a living and make unlimited amounts of money!  But what is it that elevates status?  A recent seminar I attended pointed out the following in which each of us aspires to one or more of the following in order to achieve a higher status:

  1. Attractive physical appearance
  2. The appearance of intelligence
  3. The appearance of style
  4. The appearance of wealth
  5. The appearance of power
  6. The appearance of sexiness
  7. The appearance of happiness

When we are perceived to have one or more of the qualities mentioned above, we are held in a higher light within our peers and most importantly to our clients.  Think of the client who’s looking to purchase a larger home.  They too are looking to achieve a higher status and a guru who knows what it takes to get them there.  On the converse side, think of the client who needs to short sell their house.  They are in need of a savior and a knowledgeable Realtor who can get them out of their loss in short order.  Our clients want someone to believe in and especially someone who is a winner.  Help your clients become winners themselves and they will sing your praises to anyone in need of Real Estate.

Why does status matter?  Because once you have arrived at becoming successful in building your business, having a thriving clientele and being knows as the guru in your marketplace, the world becomes your game of Monopoly to build as you see fit!