The Ability to Think Big – Act As If

A big mistake a lot of us make is that we start to shrink down the size of our goals and our dreams as we meet some friction and/or failure in our career.  I think we should do the opposite and focus on how large you can become!  For example, one of the things I like to do is find the top producer in my marketplace and imagine that I am by far the #1 agent in that territory and that I’m making double their income.  Doing this exercise allows me to work towards a goal to not just achieve, but inevitably surpass!  Act as if you are the #1 agent in your marketplace and that #2 is way in your rear view mirror.  You see, when you start to stretch your brain and expand the way you think, then your actions will follow that frame of mind.  So think big so that the things you do will reflect what someone of that stature will do.  Soon you’ll start to find that the little things you do will reflect it as well; it all trickles down.    Start with the mega dream in mind as if you were a kid with no limitations.  Ask yourself, “If it were impossible for me to fail, what would I set out to do?  What would I set out to become?”  That’s how magic is made, how big things happen and how you get started on your road to glory!  Take whatever the size of your real estate earnings and output currently is and triple it!  Wealthy Realtors are not born… they are made!


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