The Ability to Think Big – Act As If

A big mistake a lot of us make is that we start to shrink down the size of our goals and our dreams as we meet some friction and/or failure in our career.  I think we should do the opposite and focus on how large you can become!  For example, one of the things I like to do is find the top producer in my marketplace and imagine that I am by far the #1 agent in that territory and that I’m making double their income.  Doing this exercise allows me to work towards a goal to not just achieve, but inevitably surpass!  Act as if you are the #1 agent in your marketplace and that #2 is way in your rear view mirror.  You see, when you start to stretch your brain and expand the way you think, then your actions will follow that frame of mind.  So think big so that the things you do will reflect what someone of that stature will do.  Soon you’ll start to find that the little things you do will reflect it as well; it all trickles down.    Start with the mega dream in mind as if you were a kid with no limitations.  Ask yourself, “If it were impossible for me to fail, what would I set out to do?  What would I set out to become?”  That’s how magic is made, how big things happen and how you get started on your road to glory!  Take whatever the size of your real estate earnings and output currently is and triple it!  Wealthy Realtors are not born… they are made!

What’s Your Status?

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, status is important to us or we wouldn’t have chosen to sell Real Estate for a living and make unlimited amounts of money!  But what is it that elevates status?  A recent seminar I attended pointed out the following in which each of us aspires to one or more of the following in order to achieve a higher status:

  1. Attractive physical appearance
  2. The appearance of intelligence
  3. The appearance of style
  4. The appearance of wealth
  5. The appearance of power
  6. The appearance of sexiness
  7. The appearance of happiness

When we are perceived to have one or more of the qualities mentioned above, we are held in a higher light within our peers and most importantly to our clients.  Think of the client who’s looking to purchase a larger home.  They too are looking to achieve a higher status and a guru who knows what it takes to get them there.  On the converse side, think of the client who needs to short sell their house.  They are in need of a savior and a knowledgeable Realtor who can get them out of their loss in short order.  Our clients want someone to believe in and especially someone who is a winner.  Help your clients become winners themselves and they will sing your praises to anyone in need of Real Estate.

Why does status matter?  Because once you have arrived at becoming successful in building your business, having a thriving clientele and being knows as the guru in your marketplace, the world becomes your game of Monopoly to build as you see fit!

Create Value

As Realtors we are in the industry of servicing our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering impeccable service, PERIOD! With the advancement of technology and so many new apps being created hourly, it’s no wonder why we get sidetracked and distracted over the best tools to help us run our business and generate more leads. More often than not, we find a few tools for our clients as well, tell them to download the app, and leave them to their own defenses.

Technology is only one component to being a top producing Realtor. It helps us put our marketing on autopilot, track our sales, advertise our accomplishments and allows our foot in the door of people that don’t know who we are yet. But how does this help our clients? How is this better serving their need to purchase or lease Real Estate? Fundamental sales skill sets are a larger component to building rapport with your client and what we all hope to get in return… repeat business and/or referrals!

Be a resource for your client on any and all of their needs. If you don’t know the answer, be candid in telling them that and find someone who does have the answer. Your client will be more appreciative of the fact that you are working for them and not giving them the run around. Solve the problem for your client and act as if you are the ultimate think tank for them! Your client expects that you will go to bat for them in all aspects of the transaction. Going the extra mile and showing them different scenarios to resolve any objection creates value in their eyes. When you decide on some cool apps to have them download, make sure you walk them through it and how it will benefit what their goal is.

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken”

How many Realtors have you come across that sound and look like everyone else?  Their website is generic, their business card is no different from the next and their marketing pieces say the same message as their competitors.  In a world run by technology and where the cost is so minimal in giving your business a specific look and feel, it’s a wonder why a lot of Realtors have not taken advantage of the vast array of tools out there.

Let’s face it, the way business is conducted in our industry is ever changing and constantly evolving to incorporate technology and how we inform and interact with our clientele. In fact, I challenge you while you’re out on your next lunch break, to ask a few strangers how they choose a Realtor and why.  I would bet that referrals play role as well as consistent marketing.  Rarely have I come across someone that says, “I chose my Realtor because I heard they are with ‘X’ brokerage.”

On that note, why help brand a franchise or a larger company when you could brand yourself as the number one Realtor in your marketplace and the person with a wealth of information and connections on any Real Estate matters?  To be an elite Realtor, one must remember that your business relies solely on your efforts, not the efforts of your colleagues.  Knowing directly what works each time in getting a property sold and keeping your pipeline full of new business is what separates those who choose Real Estate as a hobby and those who make it a career.  So be yourself, build your brand and cultivate what it is that makes clients want to work with you, regardless of what company you are affiliated with!

3 TIps For Lead Generation

You can be a closing Champion but if you don’t have the deals to close in the first place, then you’re no Champ at all. Farming (lead generation) will always be a necessary part of the Realtors profession, period! Generating leads online can be tough, especially with non-conventional forms of communication that come with the introduction of social media. Here are three simple tips to enhance your online lead generation.

Manage Awareness: In order to establish a relationship, the person must first know who you are, or be aware of you. This is where web 2.0 comes in. You can improve your online presence through the use of things like Social Media, Blogs, SEO, or even online press releases. These all great ways to start, the goal is to make sure that your name comes up when someone searches the keyword “Realtor” online.

Manage Consideration: Now that people know who you are online you have to give them a reason to consider you. First impressions are important so make sure whatever they first come into contact with is quality. You can try listing some legitimate positive testimonials on your webpage. This will give the consumer a little glimpse as to how you conduct business. Provide consumers opportunities to inquire about your service by Email subscription. You now have their name and point of contact to market to.

Manage Action: Now that you have names and emails you can follow through. It may seem like a lot of work but sending a semi-personalized email to each prospect can go a long way. No one likes to be spammed so do whatever you can to make it not seem like a huge email blast. It can mean the difference between retaining a prospect or being blocked forever.

4 Tips to Drive Traffic Through Social Media

By now we are (or should be) aware that Social Media is a great way to drive business. However, you may not know that these social media venues have unique attributes that can help you hone in on the exact person you want to push your product toward. Make sure you reach your target market with these four tips.

Link content back to your own site. It goes without saying but this is a common mistake. All info put out from your page should have a link back to your site. You never know when someone might find it interesting and want to see what else you have to offer.

Add a URL to the status description if possible. Linking the update  to the article directly or to a related story not only makes it easier for the reader to access, but it also makes you the go to source for anyone looking for news worthy content.

Use keyword rich descriptions (Hashtags). This makes it easier for sites like twitter and Facebook to deliver your content to those who are interested or those who are investing their time into related content. Facebook and Twitter compile massive amounts of data on every user and sell it to major corporations…You might as well cash in too!

Try and relate content to popular or trending topics. This puts your content out on a national/global field. Anyone searching or reading updates related to that topic will see your update! Use caution (or common sense) when doing this. Recently some major corporations have dropped the ball when they tried to relate their products to disasters that were “trending” on twitter.

Get Organized With the “Swiss Army Knife” of Realty Apps

I have yet another Real Estate App update you all you. This time I’m focusing on the basics. Through an article, I have discovered an app that covers just about everything  a Realtor needs to be successful in this industry. It’s called BlueQub and it can easily be equated to the ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ for Realtors. There’s a lot that this app can do so let’s focus on some of the essentials.

To start, this app is a great Organization tool for Realtors.

Keeping track of multiple files can be frustrating but with BlueQub, the Realtor can see everything about a file or contact in one place.  You can see all the property information, the people associated in the transaction, the notes, events and documents for the file, and all of your deadlines all on one simple page. This seems like a no brainer but I’ve yet to find an app that does this as seamless as this one. Organization is key to success!

In addition to the organization, BlueQub also supports many MLS markets across the Unites States and the IDX search functioned quite well when I tried it out. The photos can be displayed full-screen in the mobile app, and all of the traditional listing data is included. The article I read also stated that BlueQub currently supports more than 140 MLS areas serving most of the major metropolitan areas around the country and are adding new MLS feeds every week. Which means that your clients will never hit a dead-end when searching for a home in a particular area.

3 Features That Your Realtor Branded App Should Have

Todays’ technology makes it easy for Realtors to work remotely but having and maintaining a mobile application can be a little frustrating.

It can get overwhelming when deciding what features your personalized agent branded app should have.  While many apps have great features, some may have too many which can leave a buyer confused and disoriented.

The more features your app has the more places it has to glitch up and crash. The key to preventing your app from constantly crashing, confusing a user, and preventing you from having a constant headache is to simplify with these 3 features.

Mobile MLS Mapping – Most applications have this as a standard feature. When building your own app this is a must have. This feature allows the user to search for property from a “Google Maps” platform. It’s extremely user-friendly and anyone who has a smart phone (if they don’t they’ve got bigger issues) can use it.

Agent Branding –  This seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised as to how many apps do this incorrectly. Agent Branding is simply making sure the app is clearly about you. You should have features that allow the user to contact you (by phone or email) regarding a property they find on the app directly from the app. This also leaves no room for another agent to get your client!

Home Spotter – I put this on the list simply because I think it’s extremely cool! This home Spotter feature allows the user to hold his/her smart phone or tablet up to a property (as if they were taking a video or picture) and get all the info for that property. Price, listing agent, how many rooms, everything is virtually displayed over the property! This feature is just for bragging rights. You can bet the other agent doesn’t have it on his/her app and it will definitely impress your clients.


Take Your Real Estate Marketing Online

A lot of Realtors consider themselves to be “Old Skool” (yes that’s school with a k). I’ve had many Realtors express concerns about the effectiveness of online lead generation.  The question they ask is, “Can we compete in our market without implementing an online or web 2.0 campaign?”

Of course it’s “Possible”. However, as you continue the practices that you’re used to, you can be sure that your competitors are venturing in areas that you are not. As I’ve mentioned in earlier post, most people searching for a new property start by searching online. Here are two statistics for you to think about when considering taking your marketing campaign online.

  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. Real estate-related searches on have grown 253%  over the past four years.
  • NAR studies show that 52% of buyers turn to the Web as their first step in the home buying process.

So what does this information tell us? It tells us that almost all home buyers went online at some point in their home buying process, and over half did so before they even turned to a broker. The majority of people buying homes today spend time searching, learning and taking information online before they even think about speaking with a broker.  This alone is enough to consider expanding your marketing efforts online.