Get Organized With the “Swiss Army Knife” of Realty Apps

I have yet another Real Estate App update you all you. This time I’m focusing on the basics. Through an article, I have discovered an app that covers just about everything  a Realtor needs to be successful in this industry. It’s called BlueQub and it can easily be equated to the ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ for Realtors. There’s a lot that this app can do so let’s focus on some of the essentials.

To start, this app is a great Organization tool for Realtors.

Keeping track of multiple files can be frustrating but with BlueQub, the Realtor can see everything about a file or contact in one place.  You can see all the property information, the people associated in the transaction, the notes, events and documents for the file, and all of your deadlines all on one simple page. This seems like a no brainer but I’ve yet to find an app that does this as seamless as this one. Organization is key to success!

In addition to the organization, BlueQub also supports many MLS markets across the Unites States and the IDX search functioned quite well when I tried it out. The photos can be displayed full-screen in the mobile app, and all of the traditional listing data is included. The article I read also stated that BlueQub currently supports more than 140 MLS areas serving most of the major metropolitan areas around the country and are adding new MLS feeds every week. Which means that your clients will never hit a dead-end when searching for a home in a particular area.