3 TIps For Lead Generation

You can be a closing Champion but if you don’t have the deals to close in the first place, then you’re no Champ at all. Farming (lead generation) will always be a necessary part of the Realtors profession, period! Generating leads online can be tough, especially with non-conventional forms of communication that come with the introduction of social media. Here are three simple tips to enhance your online lead generation.

Manage Awareness: In order to establish a relationship, the person must first know who you are, or be aware of you. This is where web 2.0 comes in. You can improve your online presence through the use of things like Social Media, Blogs, SEO, or even online press releases. These all great ways to start, the goal is to make sure that your name comes up when someone searches the keyword “Realtor” online.

Manage Consideration: Now that people know who you are online you have to give them a reason to consider you. First impressions are important so make sure whatever they first come into contact with is quality. You can try listing some legitimate positive testimonials on your webpage. This will give the consumer a little glimpse as to how you conduct business. Provide consumers opportunities to inquire about your service by Email subscription. You now have their name and point of contact to market to.

Manage Action: Now that you have names and emails you can follow through. It may seem like a lot of work but sending a semi-personalized email to each prospect can go a long way. No one likes to be spammed so do whatever you can to make it not seem like a huge email blast. It can mean the difference between retaining a prospect or being blocked forever.


Take Your Real Estate Marketing Online

A lot of Realtors consider themselves to be “Old Skool” (yes that’s school with a k). I’ve had many Realtors express concerns about the effectiveness of online lead generation.  The question they ask is, “Can we compete in our market without implementing an online or web 2.0 campaign?”

Of course it’s “Possible”. However, as you continue the practices that you’re used to, you can be sure that your competitors are venturing in areas that you are not. As I’ve mentioned in earlier post, most people searching for a new property start by searching online. Here are two statistics for you to think about when considering taking your marketing campaign online.

  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. Real estate-related searches on Google.com have grown 253%  over the past four years.
  • NAR studies show that 52% of buyers turn to the Web as their first step in the home buying process.

So what does this information tell us? It tells us that almost all home buyers went online at some point in their home buying process, and over half did so before they even turned to a broker. The majority of people buying homes today spend time searching, learning and taking information online before they even think about speaking with a broker.  This alone is enough to consider expanding your marketing efforts online.

A New Social Real Estate Platform

A while back I got wind of a new Real Estate Social Media app that was considerably different from the others.  So, I decided to check it out and I must say it’s pretty good.  It’s called DreamPro and it makes communicating with Buyers and Sellers very easy.  It provides a clean sleek way of presenting properties to clients by sending them an E-Postcard.  When agents come across an image or property that they feel a client might like, they can use the DreamCards, a feature of the DreamPro app, to write text over the full-screen image and send it to clients.  They can send these through email, phone number, or any client that the agent has registered on the application.  The app will send messages to prospects that have already signed up on DreamPro’s sister app DreamHouse (for Buyers).  This makes it easier for the agent to manage “mobile farms” — the community of consumers they’ve signed up on the DreamCommerce system (the database).  All in all, it’s a simple app that can have a huge effect your efficiency and the satisfaction of your clients.  A satisfied client generates more leads, so it’s worth trying out. Happy Hunting!

Benefits of Info-graphics on Your Website

Info-graphic or Information graphic, are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends. The process of creating info-graphics can be referred to as data visualization,information design, or information architecture………Sounds boring doesn’t it?  Of course it does, but it can actually stand to make your website more exciting. To put the above paragraph in simpler terms an info-graphic takes data (usually numerical, statistics, ratios, etc.) and puts it into a fun and easy to understand picture.  Here is an example of an info graphic depicting Social Media use as it relates to the Real Estate industry.



Simple, to the point, and most of all it’s interesting! What took me an entire page of text to explain can be done in seconds with a simple picture. We live in world of instant gratification. People want you to get to the point immediately or they’ll lose interest. Placing an info-graphic on your website will not only help you organize your information into an easy to understand format but it will also help you keep the reader’s attention.  Chances are the info-graphic in the center of the page is the first thing you looked at and from there you decided to read the text. As a Realtor you should use this to your advantage.

So how can you as a Realtor use info-graphics? Any way you want to. I’ve seen them used to announce new listings, community updates, and used to chart a certain Realtors success for the past few years. The uses are only limited to your imagination.  Here are a few sites that will help you design an info-graphic quickly. Each has its own unique graphic generator but all create quality info-graphic. Try all and see which one you like the best!

-> Infogr.am

-> Visual.ly

-> Piktochart



Use Social Media Analytics to Improve Your Real Estate Efficiency

As I’m sure you all know by now Social Media is an extremely effective and affordable marketing tool; one that every business in every industry should be utilizing. The use of Social media turns us into our own public relations or marketing firm. However, while Realtors may acknowledge the potential of these tools, they often fail to go further and see what is or  isn’t effective. This is where analytics comes in. To put it simply, the analytics of your Social Media sites are the cold hard data which come from the number of clicks, views, likes, etc. WordPress has a simple version of this on the black bar at the top of the page (for those of you who use WordPress and are logged in). Although it may seem boring, knowing the statistics of your different sites is extremely important if you want to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. As a Realtor you need to know who is responding to the promotions you publish, whether or not they are sharing it (which means they’re excited about it), the amount of people who are actually engaged in your links, etc. All of these things can help you tailor your message toward a specific demographic or geographic, which as a Realtor, is one of the most valuable abilities to possess. Research what Buyers and Sellers like to view, replicate it, and toss of what they don’t.

So how can you get a quality analysis of your social media sites? I’ve compiled a list of what I think are the 3 best analytic programs:

Google Analytics:  Allows you measure sales and conversions, as well as gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back. It includes Analysis tools, content analysis, social analysis, advertising analysis, etc.

 Radian 6: Social media monitoring tools, social media engagement software and social marketing

 Hootsuite: A better view of your social campaigns with powerful analytics tools and customizable reports that gives you a complete and comprehensive picture of your participation in social spaces. HootSuite Social Analytics closes the loop between social and digital with real-time views into campaign results.

 Each program has its own unique benefit but all provide you with valuable data that can lead you to closing more deals in a shorter amount of time. On top of that, they are very user-friendly and easy to link up to any current social media site that you may have. If you’re a Realtor and you are marketing through social media there is no reason for you not be analyzing your data on your own when these sites practically do it for you. Happy Hunting!

Use Facebook to Maximize Your Reach!

As I’ve been harping about for the past…..forever. Web 2.0 is making it easier for realtors to market and sell their property. Yet there are still Realtors ,both commercial & residential, who are not using it to the best of its ability. So today I thought I would focus on some of the more traditional marketing aspects that Facebook gives the user.

One of the “free” aspects that Facebook gives its users is the access to GROUPS. This may seem obvious but what many people  don’t realize is that this is almost a free CRM tool for your clients. You can customize, group, and reach out to members that all share the same interest with the click of a button. Imagine if you have compiled a group of friends that are interested in commercial real estate. Instead of cold calling each one when you get a new apartment building, you post it to the group and they instantly have access.

If you want to go the paid route. Facebook gives you an option to promote your company page or ad for as low as $10 a day. This is a major tool. Because Facebook logs the website visits that members see while logged in, they  can market directly to anyone who’s ever typed in Realtor, Real Estate, etc. Your getting the best demographic and geographic data that you can get for 10 bucks a day!

Whether you decide to use paid promotion or free promotion, all Realtors should be using Facebook to maximize traction at their given properties.

The Value of Pairing a Video with your Property Listing is Priceless!

As we all know Real Estate is an industry that gives the power to the individual. Sure there are huge companies like Realtor.com, MLS.com, Zillow etc. that have thrown money at having the most listings and data but none of them actually SELL the property. The Realtor is the deciding factor in that arena. To paraphrase some of my earlier post, the advance of technology has literally put the power in the realtors hands. This power (technology) actually gives the realtor an advantage over a lot of these huge realty companies and today I’m going to point out a very simple but very powerful tool available to everyone. VIDEO! I saw a realtor do something that I thought was brilliant at an open house that I recently had. She asked me if I was ok with her taking a video for her client. Naturally, I said “Sure”. It’s what she did after taking the video of the house that caught my attention. She proceeded the record the neighborhood, and the traffic of a near by intersection. That’s when I realized that SHE WAS A GENIUS !

Video is something that just about everyone has access to through their computers and/or their smart phones. Much like a photograph, video can convey a sense of personality and intimacy. These traits are what make video such a powerful tool to the realtor. With a video you now have the ability to capture things that a huge company cannot. With tap of a button you can send your client a realistic view of the condition of the neighborhood, the neighbors (that’s always important), traffic, schools, construction(if any), condition of home, etc. The uses are endless. This creates a deeper level of trust between you and your client, something that is sure to be conveyed when recommending you to a friend. Current Technology not only allows you to share the video instantly but it allows you to stream live if needed.

Video is a crucial addition to realtors who want to take their business to the next level. Going the extra mile to create a quality video could not only be the deciding factor in your sale, but it could also be the deciding factor in the potential for future listings. So before posting your next listing think about using video to do something “outside the box”.

A Quality Virtual Tour can Win You Your Next Listing!

I guess you can think of it as building your Portfolio. We all know that building a quality virtual tour online can have buyers banging down your door, but what about the next property? As realtor you must always keep one ear to the ground. Anticipating and plotting on how your going to win that next exclusive listing. Consider this: Use the quality of your virtual tours to build an online portfolio. We’ve all come into contact with that one seller who has the perfect property, in the perfect location, and is selling it for a REASONABLE price. You “have to have” that listing exclusively! So how do you convince the seller that your worthy? Give them a resume that is simple, elegant, and easy to understand. Organizing your Virtual tours into an easily accessible, and easy to navigate format will allow the seller to get an idea of what you can do for them. Remember sellers are people, this means they don’t like to haggle and they don’t want to have to think very hard when making decisions. Doing this takes the pressure off them as well as you.

It goes without saying that your Virtual tour should be of “QUALITY”. I’ve been using that word loosely so let me elaborate. The photo’s should be clear and Crisp, Hi Def if at all possible. Know when and how to get those wide-angle shots, and lastly make sure the virtual tour program you’re using is simple and WORKS. You don’t want fall flat on your face when you’re in the middle of your pitch and the site isn’t working. MyVisualListings.com is one that like to use personally. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

The Name of the game is “Traction”!

English: Red Pinterest logo

In the world of Public Relations “Traction” refers to the number of people you can successfully reach with a PR or Marketing campaign. Adapting this concept to the Real Estate industry is something that your everyday Realtor could benefit from. As you probably already know may Realtors create websites for their property listings. This allows the buyer to get an idea of what the property looks like via description, virtual tour, pictures etc. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, I’ve done it myself multiple times. However, when analyzing this concept I realized that there is quicker easier way to do this.

The underlying purpose in building a website and promoting it is to build traction toward your web-page and in turn, build traction toward the property that you’re trying to sell. Consider This; Use Social Media to promote that property. It will not only save you time but it will also allow you to reach a wider audience. There’s just about nothing that you can do on a traditional custom website that you can’t do through social media. Uploading pictures, tweeting, posting blurbs about the details of a home etc. I recently read an article where a guy did exactly what I’m referring to. He used Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media sites to do it. Pinterest is a site that allows to post pictures and tiny blurbs onto a “Board” and share with friends and their friends and so on. Within 3 minutes of posting the photos to his board he had two showing request, after two weeks of the posting he was drafting an offer and averaging a showing every other day.

An impressive feat, by using Pinterest and sharing with friends through social media venues and their friends sharing with other friends he was able to maximize traction to his “site” AND “Property”. As a Realtor you need to be a Marketing and Public Relations Specialist Using Sites like Pinterest will allow you become all Three! So if you’re wondering about how you can flip some of your properties quicker try building the “Traction” to your site and property.