Create Value

As Realtors we are in the industry of servicing our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering impeccable service, PERIOD! With the advancement of technology and so many new apps being created hourly, it’s no wonder why we get sidetracked and distracted over the best tools to help us run our business and generate more leads. More often than not, we find a few tools for our clients as well, tell them to download the app, and leave them to their own defenses.

Technology is only one component to being a top producing Realtor. It helps us put our marketing on autopilot, track our sales, advertise our accomplishments and allows our foot in the door of people that don’t know who we are yet. But how does this help our clients? How is this better serving their need to purchase or lease Real Estate? Fundamental sales skill sets are a larger component to building rapport with your client and what we all hope to get in return… repeat business and/or referrals!

Be a resource for your client on any and all of their needs. If you don’t know the answer, be candid in telling them that and find someone who does have the answer. Your client will be more appreciative of the fact that you are working for them and not giving them the run around. Solve the problem for your client and act as if you are the ultimate think tank for them! Your client expects that you will go to bat for them in all aspects of the transaction. Going the extra mile and showing them different scenarios to resolve any objection creates value in their eyes. When you decide on some cool apps to have them download, make sure you walk them through it and how it will benefit what their goal is.


Real Estate Tech Trends – At A Glimpse

Anyone in the real estate industry knows that technology is completely revamping how the business is conducted. So with that being said, I thought This week I would give you guys and gals a few fun facts about Real Estate Tech Trends. All facts are from 2012 so you can assume that all statistics have increased if only a little bit.


84% of buyers say Photo’s are the most useful when looking at a property.

34% prefer Virtual tours.

21% prefer Videos.


42% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet.

34% of buyers found the home they purchased from an Agent.

10% of buyer found the home they purchased from a yard sign.

6% from a friend

5% from the builder

1% seller


50% of buyers say they want a real estate professional to help them find the right home.

12% say they want a real estate professional to help them negotiate terms while another 12% want help negotiating price.

8% what help determining what comparable homes were sold for.

7% want help with paperwork.

When the California Association of Realtors asked buyers and sellers where they found their real estate professional, the numbers for Internet increased dramatically. In California the numbers look like this:

70% of buyers and 75% sellers found their agent online.

60% of people Googled their Agent.

74% of sellers used “SOCIAL MEDIA”!!!

LISTING SYNDICATION (breakdown of Top Referring websites)

48% referrals come from Craigslist

31% come from Facebook

7% from

6% from Zillow and another 6% from Trulia

Your best bet as a realtor is to have all your bases covered, Happy Hunting! MORE DATA TO COME.